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Winding Road


Mastering The Wild

Far out in the western coast of the United States, where the mountains are rough and the deserts run vast, a group of off-road racing enthusiasts have been in pursuit of the toughest, most durable wheel. A wheel that can survive the harshest trails and take any beating they put it through, but versatile enough to look great on a weekend cruise. This pursuit eventually led them to create Western Rock™ aka WESROCK™, one of the most trusted and beloved names in the business.


Our wheels are made for those who value strength and reliability, by a team of designers and engineers who have first hand experience in off-road trail racing and understand the ins and outs of what make it such a treacherous undertaking. By using the latest wheel manufacturing technology, WESROCK™ wheels are fully capable of carrying the most demanding loads, and have been frequently put to the test in the unrelenting domain of off-road racing, where only the lightest and toughest wheels survive.


The Western Rock™ range features products with bead locking technology, UTV wheels and trial racing wheels, that cater specifically to the most hard core off-roaders. We truly believe that utility, durability and design can be achieved all in one. This ethos that we have strived to pursue since our humble beginnings have pushed us continually towards excellence and for mastery of the wilderness.

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